How to write authoritative copy like an expert

People like to take advice from people who know their stuff…

4 min readAug 9, 2018
People like to take advice from people who know

Authoritative copy rules! It convinces and converts. There’s no two ways about it.

One of the gifts of internet is the unimagined volumes of content produced- good, bad and ugly. It is easy to publish today relative to when print or TV was ruling the roost. The challenge in today’s “content overload” times is to make your content, particularly copy, stand out. You need to give your readers a very good reason to read to your blogs, ebooks, email newsletters etc.

One way to gain trust of your readers and their loyalty is to create authoritative copy. Copy that gives solid advice to the readers. Gives them insights on the subject. Provides them with desired information. A copy that is written with authority.

But there’s a challenge.

As copywriters, we are not experts on everything under the sun. But our job, mostly demands us to write on a variety of topics. The better you’re in handling a range of subjects, the better is your employability and earnings. So how to write authoritative copy when you know little about the subject?

Tips to Create Authoritative Copy

Get a quick ‘101’ on the subject

Quick information age

Fortunately we’re living in the information age. Getting information is quick and easy. So, if you are new to the subject then “Google” on the topic, read a few articles, watch a few videos and if there’s a webinar happening, attend it and clear your concepts. You’re done with the “101” on the topic.

Do keyword research

Keyword research is mostly associated with seo-centric copy wherein you’ve to include certain keywords in your copy to help it rank higher on search results. But, what most people miss is that it is also a great source to know what people are looking for in a particular topic.

Go to “keyword planner”, enter the topic, country etc., and it will provide you with thousand of keywords on the topic with data on monthly searches, competition etc.

Say you’ve been tasked to create copy on job interviews. Look for keywords that are questions like- “How to negotiate salary” or “How to look confident in an interview” etc. These are the questions people are seeking answers to and you need to help them get the right answers.

Talk to Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Source: BCG Breakers Newry

Say, you need to write on solar energy. So connect with professionals working in the sector and talk to them. If you know someone then it’s easy. Else use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter etc., to reach out to industry experts and ask for their help in understanding the topic.

And don’t forget to take a quote with the permission to publish in your copy. Including expert opinion in your copy will boost the credibility of the copy.

Research for Data & Stats

Research for Data & Stats

Research online and look for reports and surveys done on the subject in recent times. The latest the better. However, pick reports from authoritative sources like Forrester, Statista, Pew etc. Don’t go by data of online or Twitter polls. Create graphs from the data for easy comprehension and consumption. This will give another boost to the authority of your copy.

Write with Power & Authority

Don’t make your copy sound like a report. Don’t just assemble all the information, and make it look like a report. You need to give it a personality.

Write with power and authority. Here’s how to do it-

  • Tell a story- use a case study, news items or a fictional story to make your point.
  • Use the information pieces collected- expert opinions, data etc., to validate your argument.
  • Add your insight or understanding to it. Share your experience.
  • Use good, relevant visuals- A copy on solar energy will look dull with an image of a bright sun hitting hard on solar panels.

There are thousands of websites and blogs that can give a run for their money to well-oiled and resourceful magazines and newspapers in readership and loyalty. The reason is authoritative content.

So write with authority.

So much goes into creating authoritative copy. What are your rules or tips on creating copy with authority? Share with us in the comments. Please follow and clap if you liked the article.

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