XD Designers, save hundreds of hours in collaborating product copy with Scribble

By reducing the visualization gap between UI designing & Copy Writing

4 min readOct 15, 2018

TLDR; World’s first design/copy collaboration tool — Scribble is NOW available for Adobe XD. Grab Scribble plugin for XD NOW.

What is Scribble? And why?

Scribble is a collaboration tool for UI designers & copy writers.

If you are an UI designer then picture this,

  • You have designed an awesome landing page or, newsletter or product UI and need other stakeholders to write the copy.
  • So, you send them the UI in form of PNG or JPEG.
  • Copy folks write product copy over word document and send it over email.
  • Since, copy writers couldn’t visualize the copy in design, copy doesn’t fit in the UI.
  • So, you iterate.. over & over & over, and,10-times again…

And, waste 100s of product hours every month. All this happens since copy writers couldn’t visualize the copy within the design.

How is Scribble better?

That’s why we built Scribble. Using Scribble, UI designers are able to:

  • Sync artboards to cloud: Send and view all your XD artboards to cloud with a unique link
  • Invite copywriters via link: Share the link with stakeholders to write & collaborate* final copy.
  • Sync back artboards locally: Get final copy back in local XD file!

Compared to traditional email+word document method, Scribble offers better visualization to copy writers. Which makes it 12-times faster and saved 100s of hours in every design/copy collaboration.

Get Scribble For Adobe XD in 10 seconds or less

Scribble is available as a FREE plugin inside Adobe XD.

Before we get started, make sure you have latest Adobe XD version. If not, get the latest XD here and follow below steps:

  1. To get plugins, goto Menu > Plugins > Discover Plugins

2. Search for “Scribble” and Click Install

3. Once installed, Go to Menu > Plugins > Scribble By CanvasFlip

4. Select artboards and, Click “Sync To Scribble”

5. Click “Start Collaboration” to get artboard in browser

6. Share the link, make changes in browser

7. Click “Sync Back Artboards” to get final changes

8. Select Project and hit, “Sync To Scribble”

9. That’s all! You get latest copy in local XD file.

Customer feedback

Vijay Vachani, Platform Products & Partnerships @Adobe, commented on the Scribble launch:

“Scribble is committed to bring better collaboration between designers & copywriters. Scribble plugin for Adobe XD is a significant contribution to the XD ecosystem and design community overall.”

Also, Chris Naurois, Digital Innovation Officer @PowerWrap says:

“We use scribble extensively, as it makes our entire workflow easier at the design level, and makes the UX writers feel in control of the UI impact via the WYSIWYG editor.” says, . Chris also adds, “They[UX Writers] can now appreciate the impact of copy changes on the UI. This is such an upgrade from working in spreadsheets.”

Getting started

Are you ready to save time in your design/copy collaboration in XD?

Get the latest copy of XD and install the Scribble plugin FREE to get started. If you need help, feel free to shoot an email to support@canvasflip.com.

Excited to hear what do you think — drop a comment in the article.




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